Jackie Skrzynski
In these series, I create images that relate to the killing of animals. I found my references in blogs and similar sources online, posted by the people who participated in the act. I do not spin the works to promote a viewpoint other than focusing the viewer's attention on the animal.  Because many of these drawings capture a moment of pride that directly relates to an act of violence, they provoke judgment. The physical contact between the hunters and their prey, the eye contact between trapper and animal, or the inclusion of family members in the pose, adds to the ambiguity. I am interested in how the images' meanings change based on assumptions viewers make about what they see. The drawings function as documentation and reflection.

For several years starting in 2003 and ending in 2008, I depicted deer road kill. I sketched and photographed at the side of the road, and then finished in my studio. The resulting works act as both homage and exploitation, describing the capricious nature of violence. Similar to the Trophy Shots, the deer road kill series contrasts to my usual studio practice because I invented so little. With the benefit of hindsight, I now see my practice swing between autobiography and documentation. Perhaps when taken as a whole, the works demonstrate the way fiction and reality coexist by necessity, much in the same way as life and death.
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